#ThrowbackThursday : A Christmas Gender Reveal

It's #ThrowbackThursday and I'm going to share to you how we did our Gender reveal last Christmas! I can't believe it's been a year already, time is just going by too quick for me. 

We had a Christmas party at my mom's house and we decided what better time to let everyone know the gender of our baby that today! So we grabbed a big empty box wrapped it up & stuffed it with balloons & confetti. 

I actually miss being pregnant, I personally loved it, I felt the most beautiful during this time! Plus it was during the holidays and I got to stuff my face and first dibs on all the food. (#PregnancyPerks) After we took our pictures & let everyone eat it was finally time to open the present! 


It wasn't executed like I saw it in my head (It was like my sister said an #EpicFail lol) We probably should have hot glued the bow to the box or something! I actually kept the secret from everyone in my family except my mom, of course, and there were a lot of tears! Happy tears of course! On social media though we had a different reveal!

 I found this idea on Pintrest & wanted to do it so this is what I sent everyone so they could post it on their Facebooks & Instagrams!