Making New Family Traditions with Ragu

As you all know by know we are a new little family, and we are creating new traditions with Camila and sharing old ones. Sometimes even taking an old and putting a modern twist on them. Ragu has been in my family for years and a good ol' fashion plate of Spaghetti is food for the soul. 

Before I had Camila I had a list of first I wanted to catch on camera & her first bowl of spaghetti was on the very top of the list. So today I'm going to share with you a new family tradition of ours, Baby's First Spaghetti! To make a traditional spaghetti dish follow this recipe:
Once you've made yourself a delicious pot of spaghetti, make sure you cool it, we dont want to burn baby! Then wa-la!

Dinner is served! For the babies prior to boiling I broke the spaghetti noodles into 3 pieces to make it easier for their chubby hands to grab!

What is this delicious looking stuff?

 OMG Yummm!!

 Oops you caught us!


Best day of my lifeeeeeeee.

The babies definitely enjoyed the spaghetti so much more than I though they would! It was so hilarious watching them enjoy messing & playing around in this delicious  meal. I know the texture was different and it definitely kept them happy & entertained for a while. Most of all it helped them learn! Letting baby eat with their hands helps develop hand-eye coordination!

Yes they were extremely messy afterwards but it was so worth a little bit of mess to see them learn, explore new things and just be happy little care-free babies!

What are some family traditions you created with your own family? 

Also have you read about the amazing woman that created Ragu? Read her story here

Me when I was a wittle baby! Does Camila look like me? I get told she looks more like her dad!