Sexy Momma: Over The Knee Boots

The weather here in Houston has my body all out of whack! One day it's 70 degrees the next it's in the 50's, so it can be so hard to dress for winter even when it feels like summer outside! So while all of the End-Of-Season sales were going on Jeff & I decided to do a little shopping and guess what! I found the perfect light-weight jacket, and scored an awesome deal on some pretty hot over-the-knee boots. You have no idea how excited I am, I've wanted some ever since I saw Lily, a blogger at The Daily Craving, rock some with a hot red dress but I could never find any that I absolutely loved.

I'm so in love with these boots because they are so comfortable! And the jacket looks pretty think right? Wrong! It's made from a cotton-like material that makes it feel light and not so suffocated on those Texas winter days that make you want to run & put some shorts on! 

I paired them both with a light Turtle-neck sweater dress and silver accessories! 

Cop my style here: Jacket | Dress | Boots 

 You just enjoyed the first post of a new segment on my blog! Sexy Momma is going to be a regular thing now. It comes from my yearning to get better at dressing myself! You know since I live in yoga pants & t-shirts at home! I've totally disregard how I look, but now that Jeff is a Fashion blogger I feel kinda embarrassed if he shows me up in the outfit department. So how did I do? Should I keep it or dump it?