Weekend Snapshots: A Busy Weekend

This weekend was cray-cray. We had so much prepping to do for this week, we brainstormed, we collaborated, and we took lots & lots of pictures!

Pho Vy - Pearland TX Pho

I'm a little obsessed with the vermicelli bowls & crave their spring rolls like once everyday! I live in Pearland and there's maybe 3 Pho places & hands down Pho Vy is the best! 

#BuscuitPaintWall Pics 

I've passed by this place at least a dozen times & since the cottage shop was closed we decided we make an impromptu stop here and snap a couple of pics! It's such an awesome place to use as a backdrop. I suggest you stop by and snap on for Instagram! 

Manready Mercantile on W19th Street

Jeff & I have been looking for some local shops & boutiques to shop at because we're getting bored of going to the same places! Are we the only ones? After our breakfast meeting with Fabian for an upcoming project he told us about this awesome shop on W19th street in the heights and let me just tell you everything there is UH-MAZING. Everything is hand made by the people who work there! I'm talking top of the line high-quality made in America stuff for the gentlemen out there! A full review will be on The Daddy Style Diaries soon!

Valentines Day Photo shoot Sneak Peek! 

We also did a Valentines Day Photo shoot for a blog post that should be live by the end of this week to give you guys a little V-Day Outfit inspiration not only for you lovely ladies but for your cute babies too! 

What did you do this weekend? (Let me know in the comments below!) 
& If you want even more I've joined a Link-Up with 3TwentySix!