2016 Houston Auto Show Recap

 The 2016 Houston Auto Show: Where a Woman becomes Dazed & confused

If you're like me cars generally don't interest you what-so-ever but when you tell your husband you have the opportunity to go and he a sense of child-like wonder appears in his eyes you have to go.  I really wish I liked cars but when Jeff starts talking about them my eyes kind of glaze over and I space out. It also might be to the fact that I have a slight phobia of driving on the highway. (Don't laugh, my hands get sweaty and my legs shake uncontrollably and my neck gets so tense that it hurts when I try to turn it) The best I could do for Jeff was to get him into the preview night gala since he had to work the following day. (Read his recap here.)

So on Wednesday I woke up bright and early to get a chance to see & hear all the latest & greatest from the car companies themselves trying to keep in mind all of the facts and things Jeff told me to listen & look for the night prior. Not only did I get myself up early but I brought my little love bug, Camila, with me because I couldn't find a sitter! She completely stole the show though because she was the only baby there for media day.

Walking into the car show regardless of how interested you are in them or not you become mesmerized by all the shiny new cars in front of you and you want to just sit in all of them. Not like at a dealership though because people aren't pressuring you and bombarding you with facts you know you can relax and just enjoy the view.

And the view for many of these cars is amazing. 

Even Camila fell in love with a car! She couldn't stay away from the Ford Mustang.

I mean look at it...

Overall we all had a blast, I had a very happy husband and a daughter that already knows which car she wants as her first car, even though she's only 9 months old! 

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