A Valentines Day Giveaway! ~Plus our VDay Family Pictures~

As Valentines Day approaches I wanted to share with you all the pictures we took as a family to preserve the memory of Camila's first Valentine's Day! We've done it for every other holiday, and while we never really do anything big and over the top I thought taking pictures would be perfect! 

It wasn't really a planned photo session though, it was one of those hey let's get dressed & get this done because we'll never end up doing it. I think that's our life right now though, we're not really good at planning, and get things done on a whim.

It's getting harder & harder to get pictures of Camila so I'm trying to take advantage of the times she can't physically tell me "Mom stop taking pictures of me! You're so annoying!" 

So this dress, I wanted something different & fun for Valentines Day that isn't red or pink or big & fluffy. I wanted something that was simple and different. I love the print and the material. I wanted it so bad that I bought it in 2 different sized because I wasn't sure which would fit me, turns out the medium fit me so good that I didn't even open the large, So I'm giving it away! You can see it here on ASOS.

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