I'm In A Love-Hate Relationship

With Rompers! 

On one hand they're super comfy, and a super easy outfit to put together for the on the go mommy, but on the other sometimes they're not the most flattering on my body shape! It takes me a while to find one that I'm completely in love with. 

I found in the sale section at Anthropology while shopping with my friend from Hey Wendy Vanessa! I'm currently obsessed with this Hunter green color if you haven't noticed! It went great with my purple hair, and now that I've stripped the purple out of my hair & I have this coppery brown color it still compliments perfectly. 

Another reason I love rompers is that here in Texas it feels like we've skipped over winter entirely & right into Summer! Even though in the fashion world technically we're still in winter I think this is the perfect transitional piece to get you from winter to spring! I'm itching to dive into spring fashion, it's my favorite season! 

I also have a love-hate relationship with my anything sleeveless, my arms used to be toned & summer ready with all the push-ups I did in the military, but post-baby laziness has caught up with me & are now an insecurity of mine. This year though I'm embracing all of my insecurities because I know I can work on them. Maybe I'll start a lazy mom guide to getting back in shape even though you feel like it's too late. What do you think? (Lol legit how I feel)


For the romper I decided to pair it with these amazing Lace-up heels I got exclusively from ShoeDazzle & all the jewelry is from RocksBox! Get your first month free with my code: NEWMOMINANEWERAXOXO at checkout!