Moms - You Deserve Some Time to Yourself!

**Disclosure: I did receive Dr. Teals & Suave Professional Shampoo for testing purposes only, the opinions expressed below are my own true and honest opinions**

 As a new mom, it's so hard to find time for yourself, and when you do you kind of feel guilty about it. (Am I the only one? Please tell me I'm not!) Especially when it comes to spending money on yourself. I always think twice about the things I have in my hand or cart end up putting them away and then buy a bunch of stuff for Camila. 

Lately, I've just been so stressed out and feeling out of it that when I got Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt it was like a little gift from heaven. It's so easy to put your well-being on the back burner, but that's exactly how you burn yourself out! Believe me, I was there until yesterday. 

I literally didn't feel like doing anything, I just wanted to sleep for a week straight (I feel like even then I'd still wake up tired) With kids it's next to impossible, so I found a simple solution that I can repeat as many times as necessary, even throw in a glass of wine to make it even more relaxing. 

Epsom salt is a perfect way to relax and de-stress your muscles, Dr. Teals is only about $5 for a 3lb bag, throw it in a nice warm or hot bath, light some candles, bring a book, and glass of wine and enjoy it while your kiddos are napping, or the hubby is watching them. Believe me, you'll feel 10X better after it, and you won't feel so guilty! 

What are some other ways moms can catch a couple minutes to themselves? Let me know in the comments below!