Kaleidoscope Houston | Art • Film • Music • Fashion

Kaleidoscope Houston was amazing and beautiful event, & you had to attend to get a sense of how Houston's art community is finally coming together to create spectacular things. 

It was a 3 day themed event filled with live performances, up & coming designers, singers, rappers, dancers, models, and so much more.  


Kooth Brand
The Art Institute Emerging Designers

Jet Set 

Steven Gunthrie


 Son Kiss'd Dance Company


Heather Petrey 

Fenyx Aerial + Stella Marie Manalo (not pictured but her voice was beautiful!)

 Of Myth & Muse

 Damsel White Label

LA Fashion Snob, Lipstick and Brunch, Me, Stella Marie Manalo,Style By Patty, The Loop Lyf by Madeline J Pena | Pamela (Creator of Kaleidoscope, Daddy Style Diaries, Me again

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