All The Things You've Taught Me In One Year

Today marks a year that I've been doing this whole "mommy" thing. My birthing experience scarred me for life and made me feel like a failure. In turn, I thought I would fail as a mother, but looking back I realize that I need to give myself more credit. Camila is a thriving, healthy, chunky, diva princess! She is full of laughter and smiles and everyone that meets her is met with such warmth and always is the life of the party. 


At the very tip top of the list of all the things that you have taught me, my little butterball, is patience. Something your mom definitely was not born with. The fact that you are such a diva at such a young age also tests my patience more than I care to admit (haha) Like the time I caught you playing in all of mommy's makeup brushes! I remember asking you "Camila, what are you doing?" You purposefully turned your head away from me and pretended like I wasn't there. After 3 times of sayin your name you turned to me and laughed and handed me my makeup brush. Once you smile at me I laugh and it's the hardest thing in the world to stay made at your squishy little face.

Unconditional Love

 One time a posted a picture of you sleeping, I couldn't put what I was feeling into words. My mind couldn't physically wrap around the fact that God had chosen to give me such a perfect little human being. A little human that looks up to me in every way; a little human that looks at me with such love in her eyes (even on my worst days) I could be having the worst day but I look at you and I see and feel like there are bigger things in store for us. My aunt told me it was unconditional love. I never really thought of the word unconditional before, not in this way. I know your little loving eyes will change once you get older and become even more of a diva, but I will always love you no matter what.


Every time I think back to that day I have many regrets in not speaking up and voicing what I wanted to happen, but after that experience and realizing it's not just me that I am speaking for, I found my voice for us and we are moving forward every day because of it.  The strength that a woman finds when she's in labor is like nothing else you will ever imagine unless you are one of course. The journey afterward is something that teaches you


Seeing you go through the world with the biggest smile on your face brings so much happiness into my life. You are learning, prospering, and everything makes you laugh! It has taught me that even though I've been on this earth for 21 years, there are still so many things I have taken for granted. You have truly taught me to enjoy the little things in life. 

Thank you so much to Tender Nest Portraits for these amazing pictures of my princess! Find her on Facebook & Instagram

What are some things motherhood has taught you?