How To Get Baby To Sleep Through The Night

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Moms of little ones are the first ones to loose sleep, but when you wake up to a crying baby what's the first thing you check? Their diapers! Night time accidents seem like the number one culprit of mombies (mom zombies) in the morning, by using Huggies OverNites you could easily avoid being a mombie! My daughter just turned 1 and rarely wakes up to night feed, so I know most of the time it's her wet diaper that's bothering her, so I try to avoid this by using good diapers and changing her right before she falls asleep!  

Camila's Night Time routine


A warm bath, warm bottle, a clean diaper, and Camila's Bedtime playlist that I've created myself is the perfect recipe for an all night sleep.  I try and change her diaper before she falls asleep but sometimes that's not an option; Because NO sane person wants to wake a sleeping baby! So the best bet is to use a good diaper like Huggies OverNites because they offer overnight protection for up to 12 hours. Plus with the adorable Winnie the pooh design on the front it makes it easy to keep a diva baby like Camila satisfied and calm! I bought my Huggies OverNites from the comfort of my own home on the Target app.

How to make your own bedtime playlist

 I use a free music app like Spotify to create my perfect playlist. You can download the playlist from there or purchase all the songs yourself via iTunes, but Spotify has been my go-to because it's easy and free! You can easily search through the search bar for lullaby's or you can search for these songs that I recommend to lull your baby right to sleep:

Camila's favorite song is La Nanita Nana, it puts her right to bed. 

Step 1: Find a music app that fits you, and that you're comfortable with using
Step 2: Preview all of the songs to ensure that baby loves them
Step 3: Add to your playlist or download them
Step 4: After you've put a fresh diaper on baby place them in their crib and play your playlist 
Step 5: Rejoice! Your baby is asleep & you can finally get some shut-eye because that playlist is probably putting you to sleep too! haha!

Huggies has been my ride or die brand with Camila, her skin is so sensitve like mine was when I was a baby. They have been the only brand of diapers that haven't given her rash, or keep her up at night. So to keep baby Mila sleeping peacefully through the night I also use Huggies natural care wipes religiously.They're super soft, and fragrance free which is perfect for me because I know camila wont have a bad reaction to them. 

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