Diaper Bags: Why are they all ugly & too small?

I will never understand why they create diaper bags with cartoon characters and silly colors, who uses those? They're never functional and I always run out of space and pockets! I say this because I've had a few (haha) that I thought I would love but they never turned out to be what I wanted. I've even resorted to using my big totes but they never work because it all ends up being a jumbled mess and I can never find anything! Thankfully the diaper bag Gods led me on a hunt for the perfect, and I mean perfect diaper bag!! There is a light at the end of the brightly colored and cartoony tunnel y'all, and they go by the name of Lily Jade and so graciously blessed me with the Madeline Bag in Brandy.

In the drowning sea of diaper bags, you find yourself buying more than one and it shouldn't be something you plan for. As your baby gets older the things they need just get bigger! Let me just say when you get the bag you can genuinely tell that it was made by moms for moms. With 14 pockets and a washable changing pad, they really did think of everything. It's also made with durable made to last leather.

Not only is this bag beautiful, I mean look at it, but I could easily use it into Camila's toddler-hood (is that a word haha) Are you more of a hands-free mama or an over the shoulder girl? They thought of that too! Your arms are for hugging and holding your bundles of joy and not haveing to worry or get frustrated with a bag. I remember one time I was at a restaurant and I was so flustered because Camila was crying and people were staring because I couldn't get her bottle out to feed her fast enough. Screaming babies are enough to fluster any new mom, I learned my lesson and now keep bottles in the same place every time. 

Lily Jade was the easy choice for me, once I saw it I knew I needed it. A mom, married to a fashion blogger, and style blogger herself needs a bag that goes with everything. This one definitely does! I admit the times that I've gone out without Camila I've taken this bag with me because it's just that good! 

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What was your first diaper bag? I'm always interested in the kinds of things new moms buy!