Our New Thursday Routine

With the summer finally here and Jeff home a little more often we decided we needed to take the time from our busy days to just sit down and relax. What better way to do that than with a new show to become addicted to?! So I invited my sister over, we popped some popcorn, and we clung on to every moment of USA Networks new action-packed drama Queen Of The South

Queen of the South tells the powerful story of Teresa Mendoza, a woman who is forced to run and seek refuge in America after her drug-dealing boyfriend is unexpectedly murdered in Mexico. In the process, she teams up with an unlikely figure from her past to bring down the leader of the very drug trafficking ring that has her on the run.

Watching the first episode had me on the edge of my seat! I was so emersed in the story and feeling what Teresa was going through, my heart was pumping while she was running, and all I could think was "damn, what a bad a** latina." I didn't even notice when little Camila fell asleep on her daddy's lap and as I looked over to my husband and my sister I could tell they were feeling exactly what I was feeling. I didn't want it to end, so when it was over we all yelled "Noooooo!" Now we all have to wait until June 23rd when it premieres on USA Network!

Giveaway Time!

Want to win Queen of The South swag and goodies? Leave a comment below telling USA Network what you're looking forward to most about Queen of The South!