The Perfect Shoes For The Mom With A Little Explorer

One of the hardest things about getting dressed as a mom for me has been anticipating what the day has in store for us. Jeff & I aren't the best day planners, we have a general idea sometimes but when we just go explore the city with Camila in tow it's super hard to find shoes that are cute, & comfortable. Luckily I found Bzees, and they were gracious enough to send me a pair! (Disclosure: This post was compensated for my honest opinions!)

Camila found out that with enough yells she can make her way out of the stroller and run around and explore. So now mommy just knows to let her get tired running around before we actually get to go inside a store. 🙈

My Bzees definitely shake up my wardrobe and add an extra spice to my casual shopping outfit!

As I let Camila walk around on her own, she didn't let me hold her hand, she discovered the small splash pad. I didn't have any clothes for her to get wet in so I let her do her thing in her white overalls (I questioned my sanity when I realized we were both wearing white!) 

 She chased one of the water spouts down trying to figure out where it went. After a couple of minutes of her splashing the puddle around her, she got a big surprise! 

I've never laughed at Camila harder than I did when it nearly missed her face. That didn't stop her from chasing it though! She is definitely hard headed like her mother. (Haha)

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