DIY Toddler Safe Finger Paints

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When it comes to entertaining my toddlers  I try to keep the things they play with safe, fun, but also something that's going to stimulate them mentally. I've always been a little skeptical of store bought finger paints, only because my daughter & brother put literally everything in their mouths so when I found a recipe for a Toddler Safe finger paint I was dead set on making it. My Abuelita would always tell us from a young age that the most important thing is that we have fun, no matter how messy we get! And with the Tropical Scent of all® Fresh Tropical Mist™ I promise it will transport you back to the tropics.

Things You'll Need: 

- 3 Tbsp of Sugar
- 1/2 Tsp of Salt 
- 1/2 Cup of Corn Starch 
- 2 Cups of water
- Food Coloring 


1. Mix all of the ingredients into a small container of your choice (I used small mason jars) 

2. Add your food coloring & boom you're done! 

When your ready to have your tiny tots play make sure you're in an area that you're ok with getting all messy, I used a washable picnic cloth in the comfort of my backyard. Since I use all® Fresh Tropical Mist™ detergent regularly when I daze off when I'm trying to read my book while these two play I imagine myself on cruise somewhere tropical, with a coconut in my hand & a flower in my hair.

When your toddlers & you are so over finger painting and are all messy (like mine were!) use a good stain fighting detergent like all® Fresh Tropical Mist™ bringing the freshness of the tropics home.  With all®’s trusted stain fighting power to fight the toughest kid stains like the ones that are going to be left with all of that finger paint. all® Fresh Tropical Mist™ contains an in-wash pre-treater that makes it literally the perfect detergent for all of your toddler's messy fun activities & it costs 30% less than the leading brand which makes it an easy buy! 

I found mine at my local Dollar General

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