Saturday Mornings With toddlers

Take yourself back to the Saturday mornings as a kid. I remember Friday nights I would go to sleep extra early so I could wake up early enough to catch all my favorite shows Saturday mornings. Since your parents were still asleep at that time & your tummy was grumbling you taught yourself how to make a bowl of cereal. My absolute favorite was a big giant bowl of Trix! That was my Saturday routine when I was a kid, now that I'm a parent I want to create a routine for my daughter & my brother. When they get a little older I think a Saturday morning movie would be the perfect routine for them, but for now, I can introduce them to all my favorite cereals for breakfast. Today's taste test: 

Honey Nut Cheerios is the perfect breakfast, & on the go snack for these chubby little fingers. They're made with real honey, whole grain oats, and are now gluten free. Throw a handful in a plastic baggie & put them in your diaper bag and you've got a happy baby all day. Pro tip, that's how I get Camila nice and calm at any store or event. (Camila is notorious for being at all of the cool blogger events around Houston haha)

Also is it weird that I'm super pumped to see The Secret Life of Pets? Camila isn't ready for the movie theater yet, but my sister and I always have sister dates to go see all the animated movies because we are giant children (ha ha) The cool thing though is that Camila gets a cool toy inside her Cereal!(official release of in cereal toy is July 8th) Like Chloe, my spirit animal, the fluffy cat that's guilty pleasure is eating everything in the fridge. Of course, I'll give it to her after she finishes breakfast because then she just forgets to eat!

Camila is the free spirited lady on the left who thinks bowls & spoons are overrated, and Noah on the right who can't believe Camila had the nerve to put a stray Cheerio next to him. 

Honey Nut Cheerios = Camila & Noah Approved! 

Make sure to check out The Secret Life of pets in theaters & grab any Big G cereals for some cute surprises inside! Click here for a coupon on your cereal. Active July 8th. 

What cereal describes your Saturday mornings?