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How To Keep Your Diaperbag Organized This Summer

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This summer has been full of adventures, but with those adventures comes a super prepared momma! Like I've mentioned before Jeff & I aren't the best at planning so all of our adventures are last minute. I've learned to just be prepared for anything and having a messy diaper bag where you can't find anything just adds extra stress to your life that you don't need.

With toddlers in Texas, there are soo many things you need to carry when you venture outdoors, because of the heat. I normally carry sunscreen and an extra water bottle. As a new mom it was super overwhelming to think of all the things you need to carry with you for the just-in-case so here are some tips to help you decide what to bring & what not to bring. Plus a reminder not to forget about yourself when it comes to what you keep in there!

1. Know Your Baby 

This tip is number one because as silly as it sounds I've ended up bringing a crap load of stuff that I thought she might need without really thinking about the other times we've gone to similar places. So if I know that we're going to be somewhere we're going to have to sit down than an hour chances are Camila is going to get bored and fussy. So I bring plenty of toys & snacks. 

2. You Don't Want to Kill Your Shoulders

I know if we're going to be walking for extended periods of times & I'm taking my stroller the water bottles can go in the storage space at the bottom & not in the diaper bag. When I go to the mall my biggest complaint is that my shoulders her because I all of Camila's toys, snacks, and water that are weighing me down. 

3. Invest In a Removable Diaper Bag Organizer

This literally has been my life saver. My Lily Jade Diaper bag came with one that has 14 pockets so I know that if it doesn't fit in a pocket it has to go! If it is an essential for your baby go through and reevaluate what you already have in there. My constants never come out of the diaper bag, though. Diapers get refilled once I get home. I know it might sound silly but I have a reminder on my phone to refill my diaper bag just to keep my sanity. It already takes a million years to get out of the house with a baby, when my diaper bag is ready to grab & go it's one less thing I have to worry about.  

4. Don't Forget about yourself!

Remember that your diaper bag just replaced your purse! Some of your purse essentials need to go in there too. I decided that my essentials were my portable charger, a chapstick, my wallet, & my  Extra® Gum Spearmint 35-stick from Walgreens. The new Extra® Gum Spearmint and Extra® Gum Polar Ice® is super durable & made from recycled materials. So when your toddler decides to start digging in your diaper bag and throwing it across the room it will stay intact & not spill everywhere. Another reason I love this new packaging is because usually I'll just drop in in my diaper bag and it will end up literally everywhere on the bottom but with the plastic packaging that problem is solved. As an avid gum chewer, I love the Extra® Gum Spearmint 35 stick pack! It definitely saves me money in the long run. 

I found mine conveniently at the check-out line at my local Walgreens

I hope this Tips helped keep you more organized!
 What do you keep in your diaper bag for the summer?

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