What Road Tripping Through Texas Taught Me About My Toddler

Disclosure: This post has been compensated by Ozarka, but all opinions expressed are 100% my own true honest opinions! 

When it comes to road trips, I often shy away from them because I know Camila isn't really going to understand why we're in the car for so long. Yet I know how much fun they are! Jeff & I love to camp & road trips always go hand in hand. We took Camila to a spring in Austin when she was 3 months old & somehow I thought that was easy. She was so tiny and slept most of the time! So with no 4th of July plans, we decided extremely last minute to head up to New Braunfels for the Guadalupe river. 

When road tripping in Texas, because of the blistering sun, my biggest piece of advice would be to keep several bottles of water on hand! Especially with little ones, it's so important to keep your whole family hydrated.  What better brand of water than Ozarka for a Texas road trip! They're made right here, with 3 Texas springs to create that one of a kind Texas taste I love so much.

We had to take several breaks because Camila was getting pretty anxious, she literally hates the car seat! Jeff decided to go the long back route through the little Texas cities we don't usually get to see while on I-10, plus the 4th of July traffic was ridiculous! If you followed me on SnapChat it was like you were on the road trip with me! Sadly I didn't save my snaps (waaaa) 

Definitive Things I've learned about a Toddler on a Roadtrip:

1. Do not make eye contact while buckling them up, they will sense your weakness & do that crocodile death roll thing!
2. Snacks = Happy baby (DO NOT RUN OUT OF SNACKS)
3. If you try to take Snapchats of them they will roll their eyes & scream at you
4. Keep several pacifiers on hand!!!
5. Do not, I repeat DO NOT make any sudden movements while they're on the brink of falling asleep!!
6.  Keep them hydrated! Never let that Ozarka water run out in that sippy cup mommas
7. If all else fails Elmo's world always fixes everything 

Once we were all settled in I realized that there was no way anything I had brought, clothes wise, would keep her cool outside of the river. So she was a naked baby pretty much the entire time!

While camping we tried out Ozarka's Ozarka Country box which features some of the absolute best things Texas has to offer.

Here's a quick run-down of what's in the box: Paqui Tortilla chips made with mouth-watering ingredients, Snow's BBQ Sauce named by Texas Monthly Magazine as the best BBQ sauce in Texas, Yellow Bird Habanero sauce perfect for those of you that are like me and love good flavor with a good spice,  The Jelly Queens award winning Black Rosemary BBQ sauce, & Taste Elevated's addictive Sweet & Spicy mustard seeds. I snacked on the tortilla chips & slathered my sausages in BBQ sauce, then had the habanero sauce with my breakfast tacos!

 All in all, Camila fell in love with the river & tried to swim away a couple of times & Jeff had the time of his life jumping off trees & cliffs. Yet I still have my irrational fear of river monsters eating me while I ride the rapids down the Guadalupe...HAHA I'm not kidding. Pro tip: If you're going to spend a weekend at the river don't watch river monsters!!!

What do you do to keep your family hydrated during the summer?