LATISM 2016 - Latinos As Change Agents

I am beyond thrilled and honored to officially announce that I will be attending this year's LATISM'16 Conference at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort as a Top Influencer! LATISM stands for Latinos in Tech Innovation and Social Media & is a non-profit organization dedicated to the empowerment of the Latino community in the areas of education, health, technology and business through the use of Tech Innovation and Social Media.

 Why I'm Excited ( & beyond honored)

If you haven't noticed this is only my first year of blogging and let me tell you it's a whole different world than the average person is used to. It can be overwhelming but somehow I've managed to make it with my head still attached. I have never hustled harder in my life but the people I've met, the connections I've made, & the opportunities I've come to have made it so worth it. There have definitely been times where I've asked myself why am I doing this? Is this even worth it? But when I look at the community I've created & my daughter I see that I have a voice, I am making a difference. Even if it's just one person that I'm touching, that one person matters. So to be chosen as a Top Digital Influencer by LATISM it just shows me that I need to keep going, I need to keep pushing. As a Latina, I need to bring awareness to the social issues that plague us, and I need to educate my readers to what the world is really like for us. It's an opportunity to show fellow Latina's that their voice matters as well.  

What I'm Looking Forward To The Most

The conference is a 3 day, jam-packed conference filled with panels that cover everything from education to business and literally everything in between.  I'm going into the conference like a sponge & looking forward to bringing home a wealth of information! The segment on Diversity/Inclusion is probably one of the panels I am most looking forward to. Did you know there are more than 33 million US born latinos in America? That makes us one of the fastest growing populations right here in the ol' US of A & I want to learn how to change the way other Americans see us. We're not all illegal or criminals! We have voices, get educations, and raise socially conscious children. 

Want to join me at LATISM'16? Use code INFLUENCER16 for 30% off your ticket!