3 Ways To Stay Fashionably Cool This Summer

Summer in Texas is always hot, like I’ve mentioned many times before, but there are ways you can stay cool & fashionable this summer without breaking the bank. I like to stick with 3 basic rules when shopping for clothes that I’ll feel comfortable running around with my daughter during the summer days & then transitioning into night time here in Texas (The humidity never leaves) Thankfully I’ve collaborated with my favorite store JCPenney to share with you my rules for dressing my family. From the affordable prices to the wide selection of clothes I know I can find something for everyone to wear.

  1. Loose fabrics are key

The fabric you choose to wear is going to determine how the rest of your day is going to go. For hot summer days loose airy fabrics that won't stick to your skin are where it’s at. Fabrics like this won't trap in your body heat & let your skin breathe. These pants are the perfect balance of airy & loose and are super cute.

  1. White is your best friend

You definitely want to avoid dark colors in the summer since they attract the most heat. If you do decide to wear dark colors balance it with white. White tanks are my favorite tops for the summer! When dressing smaller kids white might not be the best color since they get dirty so quickly but try to stick to lighter colors as well as fabrics to avoid having a fussy baby on your hands! For my husband, jeff, I love to buy him white t-shirts they always look so good on his skin tone.

  1. Accessories can save you from the sun

Sun hats & sunglasses are crucial! Sunglasses protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun (even on cloudy days!) & sun hats can be an added layer of protection for your face. I love having both of these accessories with me throughout the summer they also add an extra element making you look more on trend. 

This summer has been filled with brunches, park visits, and fun in the sun with my family. For me my biggest struggle is getting everyone to be happy and enjoy what we’re doing and know that if Jeff or Camila aren’t comfortable with what they’re wearing they’ll have a bad time so I avoid that altogether by following these 3 tips and trust me with JCPenney it’s #SoWorthIt!

My whole outfit was bought at JCPenney! Shop it here:

What are your go-to tips when dressing for the summer heat?