How To Let Your Watch Be the Center Of Attention

I never thought of myself as a watch person. In the military it was a necessity because everything ran on time, then once I got with Jeff he centered his whole outfits around his watch. After he bought me my first one I was hooked, but I never thought I would own a wood watch. That was until I partnered with JORD & found the most beautiful dark sandalwood watch.

 When I was looking for an outfit to pair this with so many pairings came to mind, but I wanted to let the watch steal the show and stay on trend at the same time. Lately, I've been digging flare jeans, but none of them seem to fit me length wise so I did a little DIY and made a pair I got on sale and gave them a raw edge.

This striped tank is perfect for summer and makes the Dark Sandalwood watch look a little softer. My platform wedges also make this the perfect summer outfit and balance the dark wood from my watch.

I also layered my watch with a simple black beaded bracelet that I stole from my husband & wore a small chain necklace, and a pair of thrifted sun earrings so that it wouldn't take away any attention from the watch.

Overall I'm in love with the concept of wood watches & can't wait to buy another one! 

Best Wooden Watch


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