Why You Need Friends That DGAF About Blogging

This past weekend was one of the craziest & most relaxing weekends of my life. Now I know some people might think camping is more stressful than relaxing but from someone that has been doing it their whole life it is the bees-freaking-knees. The group of friends we went with we haven't really hung around for a while because blogging literally took over our lives. From events, to going out & taking pictures every weekend we rarely made the time to do other things. So after a year of doing this all day every day I decided I needed a break. So while Camila stayed with her grandma, Jeff & I road tripped to the beautiful Krause Springs in Austin, Texas. 

This weekend I didn't think about anything social media related, I took pictures because I wanted to, and I relaxed. I didn't worry about Camila, I didn't answer emails, I just lived in the moment. My friends didn't care that I had a blog, they didn't ask about my Instagram when I mentioned something blog related they didn't get it & they just said cool and to be honest I loved that. Not saying that my friends that blog aren't fun to hang out with, I LOVE my blogging friends & my friends that actually get what's going on but sometimes you need someone that doesn't care so that you forget why you're so stressed out all the time!! 

Some Personal Updates

I feel like it's been a while that I haven't had a sponsored post and I definitely know you guys don't mind them because my views have been going through the roof! When Jeff lost his job I really hit it hard emailed like crazy and have been sustaining & paying the bills solely off of my blog money! So when people ask me if this 'blogging' thing actually works Y-E-S it does. I would never share a product that I myself would never use, or doesn't actually work! 

Food: I have started doing a lot more recipes! I cook for my family everyday, and it's one of my favorite things in the world.  I never in a million years thought it would be something that I would share on my blog but it's a big part of who I am so it only makes sense that I do share it. I'm also hosting a Brunch in honor of my 1 year anniversary with 10 of the most influential bloggers I know here in Houston. These are bloggers I look up to, answer all of my questions, and are the most inspiring women I have ever met.

Fashion: I got accepted to Like To Know it! Like To Know It makes my Instagram shoppable, so when you like my picture you get an email that shows you the details & where you can find what I'm wearing! I'm so excited for this like you guys have no idea. 

Baby: Camila hit a rough patch with her teething but after a couple of pleas for help on social media the good mommas on Instagram taught me that if you shove anything cold in their mouths & give them lots of cuddles they'll get through it! She also found her love for swimming (she pushes me away when we're in the pool and scares the crap out of me) & she continues to loath taking a bath. 

I have one more verrrryyy important update but that gets a whole blog post all to itself, so stay tuned!