Box Tops For Education & HEB For your School!

As a parent one thing that has always been on my mind, even though Camila is still young, is her education. I do my best to stimulate her mind here at home but I know that once she turns 5 her education is in the hands of her school. I went to several low-income schools growing up which would encourage us to collect box tops to bring to school, some of my teachers would even give us prizes if we brought a certain amount to school, and my school had an overall goal of how many they wanted to collect by the end of the school year. I never really understood what they did or why everyone wanted us to keep them, but cool pencils & erasers made me want to collect as many as I could.

Now as a parent I know that each box top has value to the school, so Box Tops for Education™ and H-E-B are excited to bring a renewed spirit of education and community to the state of Texas. By signing up to support your school online it’s the first step towards even more opportunities for your school! Register online to stay updated on savings at your neighborhood H-E-B and to receive other local Box Tops announcements.

The items we buy every month like cereal have Box Tops! All you have to do is cut them out & save them in a place you're going to remember. We have a jar in our kitchen with a label so that we remember to put them there.

This year 20 Texas Schools will win 20,000 Bonus Box Tops ($2,000 value). Support your school! Enter the sweepstakes by registering on The more entries for your school, the more chances your school could win! So it’s time to rally the PTA and see how many parents we can get registered for this opportunity.