My Crazy Labor Day Weekend

This Labor Day weekend was probably the most memorable one yet for me. Not because we spent it relaxing and BBQing (because that's prey much the opposite of what we did) but because I feel like we didn't sit down. We're actually still traveling as I type. Which I can't complain about only I didn't know how homesick I would be after a week of not being able to sleep in my own bed.

We started off the week by visiting my grandma & meeting Melanie of Que Means What & Michelle of Family Love in My City in San Antonio for some Raspas at Big Daddy's near Downtown.

On Friday we hoped in the car & ventured to Austin where I was invited to shop at Kiki Nass the cutest boutique located in an up & coming shopping plaza. I ended up picking this beautiful long Olive green silk dress!

After that, we ventured to South Congress & ate our little hearts out at the Lucky Robot. South Congress is like a larger scale version of  W18th street in the Heights in Houston but with a lot more to eat. Or a restaurant version of 6th street haha! After, we headed to Round Rock where I helped decorate for the wedding we were attending. One thing about Hispanics is that we would prefer to do it all ourselves because that's the only way it's going to turn out right ha! I also found out there wasn't a photographer for the wedding so I volunteered because everyone deserves to have pictures to remember such an amazing day! I know I'm not a wedding photographer or a photographer period but something is better than nothing.

Jeff & I even got some pictures in! 

The dress from Kiki Nass!  

I hope you all had a fun & relaxing weekend! I finally get to go home tomorrow & take the longest nap ever & hopefully a long bath.