Hispanic Heritage: What It Means To Me

Disclosure: This post was compensated by JCPenney but all opinions are my own!  #SoWorthIt 

Hispanic Heritage Month is always a month I look forward to because it's when I felt the most curious about what I can learn about my heritage and also watch other people become immersed in it as well. Growing up in San Antonio I felt like I only knew what my parents taught me. We always laughed around the table, loved to sit and talk about our days with a cup of coffee & some pan dulce (sweet bread) so when we moved to Houston the amount of events they had for Hispanic Heritage month kind of blew my mind. 

Once I told my family they were pretty excited and wanted to come and check them out. It was then that I realized my house was not ready for visita (company) One thing I learned from my mom was that your house should always look like you are the cleanest family on the planet when people come over, which I think is a Hispanic norm. 

One thing I knew I had to update was my old single serve coffee machine, I love it but I also love the option to make a whole pot of coffee for when my family comes over! I found one at what I thought was a steal at JCPenney, and I also bought all the accessories and a bunch of new mugs to create a fun little coffee station where everyone can make a cool cup of coffee. Right now in their home department, there are some amazing deals going on!

#HispanicHeritageMonth is where I learned the essence of my culture and by learning about it for a solid month in school I also learned that it was ok to share and show my culture & all the things that I love about it!  

What does Hispanic heritage mean to you?