Pastels For Fall

It's no surprise that my favorite color is pink like the color of my hair to the theme of my blog its safe to say I find a way to put it everywhere. So I found a way to make pastel pink totally fall worthy. One of my favorite trends this year is mixing in things that you wouldn't generally think belong.

This long pastel pink vest I bought last year from a thrift store has been one of my favorites to layer as we enter into these colder months. 

These booties have also been my go-to for these summer-like fall days here in Texas! They let my feet breathe and look super chic too.

I'm also digging all the compliments I've been getting on my hair, it's really been a giant confident booster. I'm so glad I went ahead and went darker because I absolutely love the color it turned into when I went darker and feel like it suits me better. What do you think? If you could have any hair color in the world what would it be?

A couple of my favorite Long Sweater Vests for Under $50: