What I Wish I Knew About Formula

It Doesn't Make You A Bad Mom

There's a lot of judgement that comes with being a mom, especially when it comes to Formula vs Breastfed but to be completely honest fed is best. No matter what anyone else tells you always remember that your decisions are the only ones that matter when it comes to you baby!

Everyone's Journey Is Different

There are always things in life that you don't plan for or are out of your control. I personally have the habit of comparing myself to other people and it's literally the worst thing you could possibly do. Remember you don't owe anyone else anything, not even an explanation. Your choices are your own!

You Wont Always Get It Right The First Time

I cannot possibly tell you how many times I've messed up, but mistakes are made to learn from them! So don't beat yourself up when you slip up, everyone does it!

No One Knows Your Baby Better Than You

Trust your own instincts, try not to let your hours of internet searching cloud you judgment. Listen to what your baby is telling you through their body language. It doesn't take long for you to figure out their little signs.  

Happy Baby = Happy You 

 Those moments when I was up all night because I didn't know what was wrong with Camila, I didn't know that she was gassy from the formula I was giving her, and I didn't know how to comfort her were probably one of the most frustrating times of my life. Talking to my pediatrician and figuring out that she needed a formula that was gentle on her tummy was a huge relief. When you start with a formula like Gerber® that knows tiny tummies and that baby’s nutritional needs evolve over time, you're doing what's best for you & baby. That’s why we created the Gerber® Good Start® Staging System with a range of products for your growing baby’s needs. Our age-specific nutrition is designed to help meet your child’s needs at every stage in her development. All Gerber formulas not only provide expert-recommended nutrition, but are also designed to bring comfort to babies. Because comfort for babies means happiness for all.

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