The Best Holiday Gift Guide For Him

It's crunch time ladies! Even though most women get the gift shopping done before most men do ( I say this because pretty much all the women in my life get done with gift shopping before I ever do haha), I will be sharing with you some ideas you can get for the special guys in your life. This gift guide will be generalized, you know, because all men have different tastes and most are really picky. So I am here to give you a helping hand and make this holiday shopping experience that much easier! Let's get to it! **This Post Contains Affiliate Links**

Cologne: Smooth and not so "in yo face"

These are some of the best colognes I've ever owned and always received compliments on. Each has it's own personality but are all sophisticated and smooth. Options shown here can also be found in the smaller oz. sizes. All are great to wear year round and besides, who doesn't like to smell great !?

Shoes: Comfort, Fitness, Class

Some men are into shoes, others aren't, but they all wear them right!? Okay, so here are some options for these guys. Whether it's going for a run, running errands, going out with the guys, or taking off to work these are some options to look at.I think every guy should own a pair of converse and the new version has much more comfort and support. Ideal for going out, errands, taking out the kids and pretty much anything. The new Alpha Bounce running shoes by Adidas are some of my favorite running shoes ever and great for light or heavy running. Chukka boots and brown dress shoes can be worn casually or dressed up a bit, perfect for a night's guy out or business casual day at work.

Tech and Gadgets: Every Guy Has A Need For These!

Technology is involved in most, if not all, of our daily activities. Whether there's a need to track your activity or simply have had enough of dealing with tangled headphones, these are things we can use every day! 

Grooming: What We Need To Look Sharp

Grooming is important. Doesn't matter if there's a full on beard or a clean shave every day before work, these are things to help you look sharp and well kept. Here you can find a full grooming kit, travel kit, beard comb, and a deep cleansing brush. If the guy you'er shopping for has a beard, check out these products by Lovely Beards to help grow and maintain a healthy beard. Use BEARDS10 at checkout for a discount!

Menswear: Dressing The Man

All men have different approaches to style but I selected some items that lay somewhere in the middle.  All of the items have many different colors and styles available. Chino pants are a good trade off with a pair of jeans. They can be dressed up or down and are more sophisticated. Flannel shirts are a staple in a man's wardrobe and the possibilities here are endless. I opted for reversible belts to reduce the number I belts I owned and changing the belt and shoes can change an entire outfit. Sweaters and cardigans can be good for years to come, depending on the quality, and are a must for the cool weather. I wrote an article on the 7 sweaters to wear this winter, and you can get some more ideas there!

I hope this helps you in narrowing down your options and making your shopping experience a whole lot easier. Most men don't change much so you can use this gift guide again next year haha. Leave a comment below if  there is anything else you would like to add to this list! Happy Holiday shopping!

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