Purple Hair Makeover with Fabian at Roots

My hair has been through all kinds of colors since you & I have met. From burgundy, pink & blonde I can honestly say I have no fear of trying new things when it comes to my hair! I have know Fabian for a while now and we knew we wanted to collaborate for a while, our schedules finally aligned & he literally created magic on my head.
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This was my 2nd time in my life that I've been to the hair salon. My grandma is a hair stylist so growing up she was the only one that cut our hair & through high school she would walk me through what I needed to buy and what to do when I wanted to dye my hair. I admit that I've also tried cutting my hair by myself and it would come out so uneven so I would hide it with curls! 😂 So to finally make time to see a professional and for myself was an amazing experience. It makes all the difference in the world when a professional is doing your hair.

When it comes to pricing around for you hair Fabian said it's always best to get an in person consultation because over the phone the hair stylist can't see you hair. Always remember that when it comes to your hair you get what you pay for. When I did my hair myself I sometimes left it in worse condition than before. When Fabian did my hair it felt way healthier than what it was when I walked in. 

Products used: B3 Brazilian Bond Booster & Pulp Riot in shade Velvet 

 Roots the salon is in Montrose and has the coolest vibe & aesthetic. Everyone that works there is super nice & the owners of the place are also hair stylist there too! 

Watch the video here: