How to Wear The Trend: Denim on Denim

Following fashion trends is like riding a rollercoaster, at least for me, sometimes you're like "Yes, I need that in my closet right now!" or "Omg really, that's trendy?" especially when a fashion trend seems to favor a certain body type. I feel like I have a really good eye for spotting out a trend before they blow up & become mainstream. Some of my favorites have been the off the shoulder trend, even though I somewhat dreaded it because of my large & in charge shoulders. I eventually just dove in head first & decided to love my shoulders and the denim on denim trend! I feel like when you say denim on denim that picture of Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake 2001 AMA red carpet look comes to mind so you stay far away from it, but in reality, it's not that scary or intense.

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 Last week when I went to Miami for a conference one of my must pack items was my denim jacket because I get cold easily. It's so easy to pair with just about everything, even when I went super casual in a pair of jeans & a T-shirt. Adding a denim jacket also makes you look you out more effort into your outfit than you actually did.

When you look through your closet do you have these things: White denim, distressed denim, or dark denim? If you answered yes to any or all of these items, then you're ready to wear the trend! 

I like to play with different washes & textures of denim. For example, a white pair of denim pants go with any color denim jacket (like this outfit) and the outfit pictured here is a lightweight denim dress with my fav denim jacket! Ok confession time, I secretly love wearing denim. Especially now for spring with the weather being so up & down!

I hope this post gives you a little inspo on how to wear denim on denim or at least a little more confidence to rock it no matter your size!

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What's your favorite spring trend?