At Home Test Drive: 2017 Kia Cadenza Limited

Disclosure: The post is sponsored by Kia Usa, however all opinions expressed are 100% my own honest & true opinions.

When it comes to looking for a family car. luxury and sedans aren't the first thing that comes to mind. Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with Kia to experience the new Kia Cadenza Limited 2017 in the comfort of my own home and it completely convinced me that I didn't have to sacrifice luxury when it came to what we were looking for to accomodate our family.

This was my first experience in a Kia and I didn't know what to expect but when I walked out of my house the granite brown color really stood out to me. Brown really isn't my favorite color but it just suited the Cadenza and really gave off that Luxury feel.

We were worried that with the constant road trips and a car seat this car wasn't the right one for us. Turns out it might be even better because of the gas milage, and the space in the backseat is unreal! Even Jeff and his long legs felt comfortable back there.

The saftey features in the car really impressed me. I get a little anxious when I have to drive, but knowing that the car goes above and beyond to inform me and make sure I'm the safest I can be really eases some of that anxiety I have.  The Cadenza has a total of 5 cameras around the car to give you a complete 360 view of the outside of the car! With a toddler in the house that doesn't quite get that they can get run over, and several kids in our neighborhood this puts my mind at ease when we have to reverse out of driveway. 

Overall I'm glad we got to experience the Kia Cadenza 2017 Limited first hand without having to leave our house one on one with an expert. It totally takes the pressure of the dealership off! To schedule an At Home Test Drive from now until June 18th Click Here & get a special gift!

Are you going to schedule a test drive?