Why Do Bloggers Make it Seem Like They Live A Perfect Life?

This question was always a conflicting one to answer for me, because I know I live a less then perfect life. There's always a big debate among bloggers on this issue, but I can only speak from my own experiences on why it may seem like we live a perfect life.

My journey as a blogger didn't start out with very much knowledge on all the hard work and long hours of hustle it actually entailed. I genuinely thought that I was going to have a simple website to share my thoughts and feelings to overcome my postpartum depression, something I realize I don't talk about enough, and then through the magic of networking, google & YouTube we found a love for blogging & photography. We do our best to improve and learn all that we can. A few days ago I sat down and really thought about why I put so much effort into capturing these moments, and if it's worth it in the end. I came to the conclusion that  part of the reason I do it is because I don't want Camila to remember how much we actually struggle. 

We hustle everyday to pitch to companies to keep our work constant enough so that we can stay at home with her, and take care of my brother so that they don't have to grow up in a daycare like my sister's & I did. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with daycare but I'm young enough to remember daycare and I hated it so I don't want that for my Mila or my brother. At one point I was worried we weren't going to have enough money to buy diapers, I remember vividly praying for God to give me a sign that I should keep going or if I should give up and do what everyone was telling me and get a "real job", then a couple days later I landed a paid campaign with Huggies. I wanted to cry, I was overwhelmed that I couldn't even explain to Jeff why I was crying. There have been so many other times where we just weren't sure but by the grace of God we made it this far.

We don't talk about our struggles openly because it's embarrassing. A lot of the other bloggers around us are already well established, and at different places in their life journey which I sometimes forget. There have been times where I wonder why are we struggling so much, look at XYZ they're doing so well why can't I just be like them. Then I realize I don't know their struggles, and they've been working at this for way longer than I have. Also not everyone's husband is trying to reach the same goal, we're doing this without a back up plan. We put our 100% faith into our blogs because we believe in our abilities and our dreams.

Every picture you see, is a reflection of our hard work, and the dedication we've put into our dreams and passions. It's a sign that we are still fighting for what we want, and the life we want to give Camila. I want her to genuinely be a kid, to be carefree and explore the world with a curiosity and not have to worry about some of the things I did when I was younger.

At the end of the day I'm doing what I love, and what I think is best for my family. That's all we can really do right? As a blogger sometimes it's easy to give in the weight of other people's judgement, but I've decided that if I let that fear of what other people think of me, and just do what genuinely makes me happy then in the end that's all that matters. You never really know what struggles happen behind those perfect pictures, just know that it took hard work and dedication to a craft to get there.

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