Bath Time With Baby Dove

This post is in sponsorship with Baby Dove, however, my opinion is 100% my true and honest opinion.  
Since Mila bear was a tiny baby she's hated taking a bath and ever since then it's been my most dreaded task as a mom. I've tried so many different techniques to make bath time more enjoyable for her but so far nothing has worked. On top of that she has such sensitive skin so whatever we use for bath time has to be gentle for her skin. Even though bath time is stressful the products you use shouldn't be. The new Baby Dove is a range of baby care products that goes beyond mildness to replenish essential moisture and nutrients in baby’s skin. While there’s no one right way to parent, there is a superior way to care for baby’s skin!

When Dove announced that they were coming out with their Baby Dove product line I was beyond excited because Dove has been the most trusted product line by my family. To finally try it and have 2 products I can use to cater to each baby has been heaven ( even though bath time isn't)!

Baby Dove's Tip To Toe Wash replenishes the moisture to your baby's skin by going beyond mildness. In a single bath your baby can lose moisture up to 5 times faster than adults

Baby Dove’s Sensitive Moisture range has been developed for babies with sensitive skin. It is fragrance free for sensitive skin and the range is hypoallergenic with pH neutral, tear-free cleansers. This is my favorite product of the Baby Dove line because it's nice and gentle on Mila bear's skin and she hasn't had rash since we started using it!

Lock in the moisture with Baby Dove lotion afterwards and use their baby wipes in between baths to keep them nice and clean!

What are your favorite Baby Dove products?