Camila's Second Birthday

This post is sponsored by Chuck E. Cheese's, however, all opinions are 100% my own true opinions!

I really didn't know how I was going to manage to pull of a whole party like I did last year for Camila, because I honestly have not been feeling good. My family's philosophy on parties are pretty much go big or go home, but it's always so stressful and I didn't think I could take the added stress this year. I racked my brain on a few alternatives but it was hard because everything is made for older kids and not really toddlers. Finally the light bulb went off and we decided that Chuck E. Cheese's would be the perfect way to throw a great party with minimal stress!

Growing up I remember having my sisters birthday at Chuck E. Cheese's and have such fond memories, the only thing that mattered to us was having all our family together when we were little so that's what we did for Camila this year but Chuck E. Cheese has totally stepped up their game since I remember. They're totally all around family friendly, and they definitely go all out for parties. 

The process for reserving a party is easy and I did it completely on their website, one of the things that most surprised me was that you get free E-vites to send to all your guests! This was also Camila's first time at a Chuck E. Cheese's so seeing her face light up when she saw all the games definitely made my heart explode. 

She also pretty much made Chuck E. her best friend!

We also had 2 cakes because my mom is an over achiever and decided that one just wasn't enough. All in all we had an amazing time and this is a birthday Camila wont soon forget!

Watch Jeff's Vlog Below!

What's you're favorite thing about Chuck E. Cheeses?