5 Minute Summer Hair : Half Up Topknot

Summer time is always the hardest on my hair because I always end up I sitting in the sun for long periods of time so I switch from a moisturizing shampoo to a strengthening shampoo like La Bella® Strengthening shampoo with Plant Placenta then add the moisture with the Super Shine Serum with Avocado Oil. For hair styles I try to keep them super simple because I'm honestly not very good at hair at all but I have some super easy 5 minute hair styles that I've mastered & today I'm going to show you my go-to! Before I did my hair I washed it with La Bella® Strengthing Shampoo, then blow dried and added the Super Shine Serum

The cool thing about this hair style is it looks even cuter when your hair is wavy! My hair is only wavy when I don't brush it haha 

Step 1: starting at the temples of your head drag your finers back and split your hair and grab it into a half up doand bring it higher on the top of your head.

Step 2: Twist your hair, the tighter you twist the neater the bun and the loose the messier! It's really your preference here. 

Step 3: Wrap it around and secure it with n elastic hair tie!

And wala! You're done 😁
Depending on the length of your hair you might need to adjust the bun and secure it even more with a few bobby pins. This is litereally the easiest and my favorite hair do of all time! What's your favorite easy on the go hairstyle?

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