Friday's With The Fam | Weekly Family Updates

I am so excited to start this series with Jeff, my husband, not only because we get to update you weekly on the big things we had going on during the week but also because it's me forcing myself to get comfortable in front of the camera which isn't really my strong suit! I love challenges though, so hopefully, in the future, every post of mine will have a video that goes along with it.

Mila Bear is Mobile!

 It's amazing to see the amount of determination that this little bear has inside her. She is as mobile as she can be with her leg in a cast, and it's crazy how quickly she adapted to her situation to really help herself feel 100% even though she's not really 100%. I love that she still has that sunshine and goofy spirit inside her and that her injury didn't bring her down at all. We went to the doctor last week and God willing we'll get that darn cast off by the 31st!

We'll be without water for a couple of days! 

They're doing some work on the house for the next two weeks because of a damaged pipe under the house so they're going to have to shut off the water in order to work on it and they're also replacing all of the damage that was done on the inside of the house too. 

My Hair is PINK!

Splat Hair Dye sent me a couple of samples of dye and I decided to go for it because why not? I love changing it up and being bold with my hair. I've been like that ever since middle school! I originally tried doing purple and pink but the purple mixed with the pink and turned it into a more reddish color, but I'm not mad at the results. I did have someone say "Oh you're that kind of mom?" once they saw my hair which made me want to stop doing crazy colors and go all one "normal" color but thanks to an amazingly supportive community I decided that I loved my crazy colored hair and that I'm going to continue to express myself however I want and not let what anyone thinks to dull my shine! (Full post on this coming soon haha)  

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