How Can You Feel Safe On The Road When Your Toddler Can't Ride In a Car Seat?

After Mila had her accident transporting her from the hospital to the house caused me so much anxiety because I knew there was no way she would fit in her car seat. When you become a mother questions like what do I do when my baby is physically unable to ride in a car seat don't necessarily pop into your head, and it's not like there's anyone there to answer your crazy questions even if the thought does occur to you. Whenever a doctor would ask me if I had any questions my mind would go blank and I'd feel horrible because wouldn't a good mom know what to ask? In reality, you will never know what kinds of questions you'll have until you're in that situation. The nurses gave us a harness and it was in that instant I realized I wouldn't trust taking Mila anywhere in our little car, we needed something bigger and safer. In our quest to find an SUV that fits our needs Mazda let us test out the 2017 Mazda CX-9 for a week! 

I am already the most cautious driver on the planet because I honestly don't like driving but I was excited to get into this car because of all the safety features it has. My favorite being the lane departure warning system and the blind spot detection. My biggest fear when it comes to driving is not in my ability to drive it's not being able to control everyone else's driving abilities but in the CX-9 I felt like the car had eyes on everyone else for me and it was able to warn me not only when I was slipping up but when someone else was slipping up. 

With Mila not being in a car seat but in a harness, I needed to be able to feel 100% secure in whatever car we were in, not only for her comfort but for peace of mind. The ride was so smooth it made me not want to give the car back! In our current car we feel all the bumps, and with Mila, in a huge cast, the last thing I wanted to do was make her feel uncomfortable and unsafe. 

The sleekness and fluidity of the lines of the CX-9 give it such an attractive quality that it makes you want to drive it everywhere. I loved everything about it and it is a serious contender on our list.

I love that the CX-9 has the 3rd row and fits up to 7 people because we usually have a few family members with us when we go places, and when we do have the car seat there's enough space so no one feels squished.

When looking for a new car that makes you feel safe and confident in your driving look for safety features like airbags that deploy in every row of your car, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, lane keep assist, rear backup sensors, and smart break support.  These are all features that are worth it in the long run because it's phyiscally impossible for you to have eyes in the back of your head!

What are some car features that you can't live without?