Mom to Mom: What You Need to Survive the First Year

This post is sponsored by Walmart, however, all opinions are 100% my own true opinions. 
I remember being so overwhelmed with the number of products that were available for newborns & babies when I found out I was pregnant. I honestly didn’t know where to start so I kept putting it off, until one day I decided to just dive in head first. To start I made a list of basics that I thought I would need and set a budget but when I asked my mom she said that I should wait to start buying things until after the baby shower because you never know what you might get. My next move was to create a registry, which overwhelmed all over again! There are literally dozens of registry websites out there so I made it my mission to find one, like at Walmart, that had everything I needed in one place and was well known so I didn’t overwhelm everyone else.

When I created my registry list I was dead set on breastfeeding I didn’t even think to put bottles on the list but after going through such a traumatic birthing experience and having issues with my milk supply so afterward I ended up buying a whole lot of them when I that cost could have been relieving beforehand. I was so scared to put big items like the crib, stroller & car seat on my registry because I didn’t think people would splurge on our family I really thought that it was something we had to buy for ourselves. I totally regretted not including them in our registry afterward because it really caused me more stress than I needed, and I would advise you just putting everything that you think you need on that list because you never know what people are willing to buy!

Looking back at what I thought I needed 2 years ago when Mila was born and what I used makes me want to laugh because I could have saved so much money! Like instead of buying a swing and a bouncer I could have just bought the swing because Mila hated the bouncer, and even if you want to have both they sell 2 in 1 swings that detach and become bouncers (genius I know!) I would not have been able to survive or get sleep if it weren’t for the swing. Being a C-section mom getting up and rocking baby back to sleep wasn’t always the easiest in the first couple of weeks so the baby swing became my best friend, and Mila absolutely loved it because we used it all the way up until she was almost a year old! Another thing we bought that we still use it the Baby Trend Jogger Travel System because my husband is very active and loves taking Mila on runs and somehow, we always find ourselves doing outdoor activities and the jogger does great because it does well on any surface. Another item I was happy we bought early on was the Graco 4Ever All-in-1 Convertible car seat we ended up storing it in the garage until Mila outgrew her smaller car seat but this one continues to save us on every road trip because of the recline feature and helped keep her forward facing longer.

I went through pretty much every registry list that was out there and almost all of them tell you to buy clothes for baby but that’s pretty much all you get at baby showers if your registry list isn’t the best! They also recommend the most expensive and super fancy things out there, when you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on things that your baby is just going to grow out of! Also, your baby won’t remember later on if they had the top of the line most expensive gadget out there, what they will carry with them is the quality of time they spent with you because, in the end, that’s all that matters! 

My list of Quick Tips:

-Yes, you do need a nursing pillow whether you have a breastfed baby or not, but it doesn’t have to be designer because those things get really dirty all the time
-Don’t buy tons of baby clothes before you baby shower because that’s the most gifted item and babies grow like little weeds!
-You will never have enough burp rags
-Once you find out what kind of nipple your baby likes on their bottle stick to it, chances are they aren’t going to like any other ones and it’s easier, in the long run, to have all the same bottles so you’re not fighting to find the right nipple for the bottle
-If you have a binky baby those things have legs and are always disappearing so you honestly never have enough of them
-Don’t go crazy and buy a million newborn sized diapers, they grow out of them faster than you think
-Register for the big things even if you don’t think people will buy them
-Register for gift cards because they will help a lot when you realize you don’t have something and need to run to the store after baby is born
-Don’t buy so many toys! They end up playing in the cardboard they came in more than the toy
-Baby wipe warmers are so useless and dry up your wipes so that in the end you end up wasting money on buying more wipes than you need
-Yes, you will need a diaper pail because once those diapers get together they stink up the whole house!
-Remember that every baby is different, what works for one mom might not work for you so be patient in your journey to find out what is the best for your baby!

I hope that this helps weed out some of the overwhelming advice that’s out there and helps you narrow down the list of things you think you need versus the ones that you need! In the end, remember that you and your baby are unique and only you know what’s best for your baby so trust your gut.

What's one thing you couldn't have survived the first year without?