What's Wrong With Being "That" Mom?

A couple of weeks ago I dyed my hair bright pink. After I blow dried it and styled it I wasn't sure I liked it. I had been struggling with the idea that I should look like a "normal" mom and dye my hair all one color, but then I would be giving up something I've loved doing ever since I was in high school. I remember once when I first added color to my hair as a blogger the comment I got the most was "I wish I had the guts to color my hair this bright" or "I would do this but I don't want to be that mom at the school" which of course at the time I never knew how to respond to. It was a back handed compliment, right?

The day after I posted an Instagram story about it and someone replied with "Oh you're that kind of mom" and since I had already had second thoughts about continuing my brightly colored hair trend it got to me more than it had in the past. Jeff loved it however and told me to take pictures of it before I made any other decisions. So I posted this picture on Instagram and voiced a few of my concerns and I was pleasantly surprised and moved by the comments I got.

After all, my colorful hair was part of my identity. Should I be forced to give that up just because I became a mother? Are you supposed to give up wanting to be yourself just because you have a child? Did my hair color have any affect on how well I parent my child?

If by "that" kind of mom she meant a loving, caring, involved, and encouraging mom then yes, I'm that kind of mom. My hair color doesn't have anything to do with how well I take care of my child. Through my ability to express myself, do things that I love I'm showing Mila that she's allowed to do the same. I may not conform to "normal" mom standards but that's not all that I am. I am a woman that loves to experiment with color and isn't afraid to try new things. Being a mom doesn't mean that you should give up all the things that you love. Although I did let a comment make me second guess myself I feel like things still happen for a reason, I needed someone to make that comment to remind me to stay true to who I am, and what I love.