How To Dress Cute Even When You're Chasing Your Toddlers Around

More often than not I've found myself dressing for comfort rather than to be stylish because of how active Mila and Noah are and that usually means yoga pants and T-shirts. Lately, I've found that if I get dressed in the morning out of my yoga pants I am usually more efficient with getting my work done and chasing the kiddos around! Wearing jeans all day, especially in this Texas heat just isn't working though. When I found out that prAna makes sustainable and breathable clothes I knew I had to get my hands on a pair of pants and a comfy shirt to test out for myself. prAna sent me a few items to try in exchange for this post.

I don't think I've ever worn a pair of pants that feel this comfy enough to lounge around in the house and look cute enough to wear to a blogger event. 

 Since they took off Mila's cast we haven't been able to keep her inside and all she wants to do is run around so we do our best to let her enjoy her new freedom. 

Quick Tips: 

- Don't be afraid of colors & prints! Wearing black attracts more sweat and you can see tiny cheeto fingerprints easier
- Wear light breathable fabrics like cotton & spandex
- Mix up a plain outfit with a metallic sneaker
- Stretchy things are the bees knees

As I become more aware of where my clothes come from and how it's made I love that prAna is a brand with a mission to use sustainable materials, ethical practices when it comes to how their clothing is made, and regularly gives back. 

Use code: TMF17AH to get 15% off of your entire prAna purchase, now until October 19th!

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