Chipotle Turkey Tostada with Cranberry Sauce | #MiKroger Summit

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It's not every day that I find recipes that completely fall in love with and I don't already know, especially one where the ingredients surprised me! I would have never thought to combine turkey, black beans, & cranberry but it's one my tastebuds were definitely missing out on. We ventured to Dallas for the second time this year for the #MiKroger Summit hosted by Kroger and we were asked to do something we don't normally do, bring a dish for everyone at the event to try.  Luckily I didn't have to invent anything, and we chose from the Kroger- Tu Holiday website. I'm so excited to share this recipe because it really did surprise my taste buds!

Chipotle Turkey Tostada with Cranberry Sauce

    4 cups red cabbage, shredded
    1 Tbsp. ground cumin
    4 tostada shells
    1 tsp. dried oregano
    1 Tbsp. canola oil
    Salt and pepper to taste
    4 cups Jennie-O® Turkey Ham, cut into strips
    2 cups  Casa Fiesta® Refried Black Beans
    ½ cup warm water
    1 cup  Cacique® Queso Blanco*, shredded

    *Sub with mozzarella cheese if necessary.

    Cranberry Sauce
    1 cup  cranberries, frozen
    ¼ cup brown sugar, packed
    1 Tbsp. chipotle chiles in adobo, chopped
    ½ cup water

  1.     In a 1-quart saucepan, heat 1 cup of cranberries, ¼ cup of brown sugar, the chipotle chiles and ½ cup of water and bring to a boil over medium heat. Cook 10 to 15 minutes or until cranberries have popped and a sauce has thickened.
  2.     Meanwhile, in a 10" skillet, heat canola oil over medium heat. Add turkey, oregano, cumin, salt, and pepper to taste and chili powder; stir to mix. Cook for 5 to 7 minutes or until the turkey is thoroughly heated.
  3.     In a small bowl, add ½ cup of warm water to the refried beans and stir well, making sure the mix is spreadable.
  4.     To assemble the tostadas, spread each tostada with warm refried beans. Top with turkey, shredded cabbage, cranberry sauce and queso fresco.
  5.     Refrigerate any leftovers.

Mila definitely enjoyed it, and it was also her first time going to a bigger event with Jeff & I! She did awesomely and everyone was so in love with her. I guess this means she's got the ok to come to all our events, maybe haha. 

 It's always a good time when I get to hang out with my favorite Tejanas! I loved getting to taste everyone's recipe for the pot luck, and seeing how many different twists there are to things we already know and love. 

Val Around Town, Sweet Life Bake, & BiCultural Familia

You can find all of the ingredients at your local Kroger store, and find the original recipe plus a recipe video here! 

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