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5 Things To Keep You Sane For Road Trips With Toddlers

At this point, we take a road trip almost monthly and it has definitely been a learning process. There are times when Mila will sleep the entire road trip and sometimes she'll cry the whole way there so I do my best to think of everything she'll need beforehand, that way I'm not caught by surprise or that something she wants is in the back and we have to pull over and find it. So today I've compiled a list of products that have totally made our life easier during our road trips! This post contains affiliate links.

Special thanks to Toyota for letting us test out the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid SE for a week. The RAV4 wasn't too small or too big nor too small for our little family. There's plenty of space for all of our extra's!

1. Snacks

There is nothing that helps Mila through a long trip than her goldfish snacks, so I buy them in bulk and car some in these reusable snack pouches and then fill up her snack catcher so that they don't end up all over the car.

2. Entertainment

I always keep Netflix movies downloaded on Mila's Amazon Fire tablet and store it in the back of the seat in a tablet holder. That way there's no clicking around or unsupervised tablet time! Also to avoid any meltdowns I keep a few portable chargers handy because Mila still doesn't understand why tablets die. For some non-techy activity time, I would suggest a portable activity desk like the one below. 

3. Organizer

In an attempt to save my sanity I keep a few of these handy and stocked with Mila's favorite toys and extra sippy cups. That way everything is out, visible, and ready to grab. This makes it easier for Mila to communicate what she wants to me without me having to guess. Also, I've noticed that when Mila is holding her tablet it takes longer for her to fall asleep than when she's not, so that's always a plus!

4. Portable Potty or Changing Station

We are currently in the process of potty training Mila, so in an attempt to not ruin all the progress we've made and avoid putting a diaper on her, we bought a portable potty to keep in the trunk. For parents with smaller trunk space, I would get the foldable potty seats that fit on the public toilet seats. 

5. No Spill Sippy Cups

These Munchkin Miracle 360 cups are literally the best invention on the planet because no matter which way you turn them they don't spill. I can't tell you how many times before these sippy cups that Mila ends up with milk all over her pants. 

What is one thing you & your toddler can't live without on a road trip?