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Five Tips for Making A Stay At Home Day Super Fun & Smelling Fresh

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Downy, however, all opinions expressed below are 100% my own true and honest opinions. 

When the weather cancels your outdoor plans, surviving a full day at home with the kids is a tough job, especially when you have two little ones. And if there’s one way to tell that you spend the entire day home with the kids, it’s the SMELL. From cooking, the arts and crafts projects, the sticky toys, and the sweat you work up running around after them – guys it’s not pretty. 

And of course, when the kids have friends over – I now need to be worried about how I smell when their parents come to pick them up. No one wants to be that smelly mom! 

That’s why I’m proud to partner with Downy and bring you my 5 tips to help all you busy moms make the most of a day at home with the kids – without having to smell like it!

Downy Protect & Refresh is my absolute GO-TO for moms looking to keep the entire family’s clothes smelling fresh all day (It ain’t just for sheets and kids!). It protects clothes from stretching, fading, and fuzz, AND gives them all-day odor protection—like deodorant for your clothes!

It’s also a must-have for parents like me who love to chat and spend time with other parents after a play-date. I don’t have time to be changing outfits at the end of the day because of sweat and smelly food and craft odors that cling. Just add Downy Protect & Refresh to your washing machine along with your detergent (no need to wait for the rinse cycle!) – so you can focus less on the smells of staying home, and more about the amazing memories that you’re creating! 

Get your own bottle of Downy Protect & Refresh here, and check out a few more tips below on how to make your day at home more meaningful and productive for the entire family!

1. Stick to Your Sleeping Schedule
Your first instinct might be to let everyone sleep in, but kids have an internal clock and they most likely won’t sleep in. Prepare yourself to be up at an early hour, but you can regain that sleep once nap time rolls around. 

2. Meal Time = Family Time
Food is more fun when you helped make it, and let's face it they’ll probably be more willing to eat it! Things might get messy, but food prep is all about sequencing which helps build confidence, and problem-solving skills. In our family, our meals tend to come with lots of smells from the different spices we use, and with Downy Protect & Refresh, I no longer need a wardrobe change after lunch because I still smell great! 

3. Make Chores a Game
After every activity I do with the kiddos I always tell them that whoever cleans up faster gets a prize or a snack and that usually motivates them to help pick up their toys. It’s all about what works for you guys. 

4. Have Your Arsenal Ready
I have tubs of DIY activities to do with the kiddos once things start to get a little boring. This did take some preparation on my part, but it was worth it because on unexpected rainy days I can pull any one of these out and we already have everything ready to make a cool craft or play a cool game. 

My top 5 indoor activities: 

Moon Sand: Mix 8 cups of flour with 1 cup of baby oil and you get this soft mixture that feels like kinetic sand, but keep it contained in a bucket. It could get messy 

Pipe Cleaners + Colander: my toddlers sit there for hours just trying to get the pipe cleaners through the holes it’s borderline genius! 

Balloon Rockets: Tape a piece of yarn with a straw through it between 2 chairs, use 2 pieces of tape about 2 inches apart and stick them on the straw. With the balloon inflated but not tied stick it to the tape. Let it go and see how fast it goes! This makes my toddlers laugh endlessly! 

Butcher paper + markers: Roll out a piece of butcher paper and let your kids use their imaginations. We draw roads and cities then use toy cars to play make-believe. Sometimes we see who can draw the scariest monsters! 

Ring Toss: Glue the tube from a paper towel roll down to the center of a paper plate, then cut out the centers of 4-5 different paper plates and use them as rings. See who can get the most rings around the tubes!

5. Have Fun
Don’t be afraid to burst out into a dance party! When your kids see you having fun with them, then it sets to mood for the rest of the day, so smile & roll with the punches it’s sure to be a good day.