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Fun Date Night Ideas: Topgolf Houston

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Topgolf, however, all the opinions expressed below are 100% my own true and honest opinions. 

This year Jeff & I made a joint resolution to invest in more new experiences together! We realized that in 2017 we hardly took time to ourselves to go on dates, and when we did go places just us it was usually for work events. Jeff & I have never golfed before so putting Topgolf on our list was a no-brainer. Topgolf is a larger than life place with more than 100 climate-controlled golfing bays, a full-service bar & kitchen that gives you a really unique way to golf with your friends or family. 

 When you think of golf you don't necessarily think of a party or an overly good time because it has this stigma of being boring and for an older crowd but what the people at Topgolf have done is really reinvent the way you experience and play golf.

Jeff who's played sports his whole life was a natural at playing but me, I needed a little more help. Thankfully they have a professional on hand to show you how it's done! Jeff & I had literally the most amazing time, we laughed pretty much the whole time and it felt like we were dating again. That fluttery feeling you sometimes get when you don't want to embarrass yourself in front of someone you like, and it really reminded us that we put more time aside for just us. 

My fondest memories happen around a table of food, and Topgolf really delivered when it came to serving us food worth making memories around. Usually, when you think of places like this you don't necessarily think of good food, but we were pleasantly surprised when everything tasted just as good as it looked. It was even hard for us to choose what we wanted to eat because their menu had so many awesome options. 

This is something we are definitely doing again! If you want to try it out with your boo or even your bff's here's a link to get a lifetime membership free of charge: http://bit.ly/2j4ryEh

Check out Jeff's video of our time at Topgolf: 

Which Topgolf location are you going to visit?