The Best Art Murals In San Antonio | #LetsGoPlaces

San Antonio is probably one of the most popular tourist destinations in Texas because of its history and rich culture. It is also my hometown! We visit San Antonio probably once a month because most of my family still lives there but most of the time we tend to get stuck on my grandma's couch catching up, eating & laughing. Since Jeff isn't one to stay still we decided that every time we would try something that we hadn't;t tried before. This time it was to hunt for all the best wall art or graffiti murals in San Antonio! We know that Austin & Houston have a good number of wall art attractions but when it comes to San Antonio we hadn't really heard of many, so we did our research and ventured into Downtown and West Side San Antonio in the 2018 Toyota Camry XSE. 

 1. La Musica de San Anto

1303 W. Commerce

This mural is right off of a little bridge secluded enough for you to get a cute Instagram picture without cars passing through or people walking by! 

2. The Vortex

Nolan St. underpass between Chestnut St. And N. Cherry St.

This one is a little hard to get a picture of because it's on a really busy underpass. Jeff actually dropped me off on the side and drove by a couple of times for me to get this picture! There's also not really a good place to park around here to get a picture. 

3. Beneath It All at the San Antonio Current Building

915 Dallas St.

The whole building is painted but only the front facing part has a design the sides are blue which still makes for a good Instagram pic! There's a little parking lot in front of the building where you can park then cross for a pic but I wouldn't stay there too long since it's the parking lot for a small business. 

4.  End Barrio Warfare 

1401 S. Brazos St

Most of the westside is covered in cultural murals to celebrate Chicano culture, which sets it apart from most of the art we've seen in other cities. These murals tell stories of the rich and deep history of Chicano San Antonians. 

Here are a couple more murals that for the life of me I can't find the address for! 

What are some of your favorite places to visit in San Antonio? 

A huge thanks to Toyota for providing the wheels to explore San Antonio!