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3 Easy Ways To De-stress Daily

This post is in collaboration with Ivory Soap, however, all opinions expressed below are 100% my own true opinion. 

Running around with 2 little ones is hard, and creating another life added to the mix and is downright exhausting! As an expecting mom, I do my best to make sure that I destress more often than I did before. My mental and physical health depends on it. I have a list of rituals that I do daily to help keep my stress levels to a minimum! One of my favorite things to do is to fill my hot showers with soothing scents like the new Ivory Pure & Gentle body wash scents. 

1. Long hot showers 

Long hot showers are number 1 on my list of rituals to destress because it’s probably the only place in my house that I can be alone. I have a shower playlist full of songs I love singing loudly in the shower and I swear it does wonders for my stress levels! I love that I don’t have to worry about the ingredients that are in my body wash because Ivory Pure & Gentle has a gentle, pure formula free of parabens, dyes, harsh cleansers and excessive fragrances. It is formulated to cleanse and nourish skin with the scent of pear and sandalwood. Ivory has created a soap that is 99.44% pure for over 130 years and is dedicated to providing products with thoughtful ingredients that I trust for my whole family to use.

2.Stretch daily 

My body is going through so many changes right now that if I don’t stretch during the day then I suffer from cramps at night. I usually go outside to stretch just to make sure I’m not stuck in the house all day. 

3. Positive Affirmations

I go through low times during the day where I get really down on myself and it definitely stresses me out. I have to counter my negative thoughts with positive affirmations like “you are a good mom” “everything will be ok.” “I am strong” “I am deserving of all my blessings” 

What are 2 things you do to de-stress daily?