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Family Friendly Things To Do On A Road Trip Through The Texas Hill Country

We were so excited when Chevrolet invited us to their Chevy Crossover Road Show, on a trip that would take us through the Texas Hill Country. Our usual trip to San Antonio now included Austin & Fredricksburg which was a brand new adventure for us. We aimed to keep the trip as family friendly as possible that way Mila learned a few new things along the way. It's important for us to encourage her sense of adventure and curiosity as much as possible. 

Our first task was packing up the car and making sure we had the things we needed to keep potty training Mila on the ride that way we didn't lose all the progress we had already made with her. I was also worried about my nausea on the ride over because I never know when I'm going to have a bad day with this pregnancy so I also made sure I had what I needed to stay comfortable on the trip too. Thankfully the 2018 Chevrolet Equinox was spacious enough for all of our extras & the ride in it was smooth so my nausea worries were put to rest. 

 Mila's Potty Training Essentials: 
-Travel Potty Seat (foldable so it fits in the diaper bag) 
-Training Underpants, just in case we don't make it to a restroom on time
-Flushable wipes
-Snacks, to keep her motivated to go to the potty

Preggo Travel Essentials:
-Small Trashbags to barf of the go
-Extra hair ties, so it doesn't get in my hair
-Crunchy snacks to munch on 
-Plenty of water 

Our first stop in Austin was the showroom where Chevy displayed all their latest crossovers for us to explore and get familiar with. While Jeff explored Mila bear & I played at their playdough station where one of the lead creative designer challenged us to make a model car! I couldn't pull Mila away from the playdough until my friend Val from Val Around Town brought her Aly bear and convinced Mila to explore the cars with her. A similar hands-on experience for you to explore in Austin on your road trip would be the Thinkery! It's a children's museum that exposes young minds to STEM-based topics, such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, in a fun and approachable way.

We headed out from the showroom filled with knowledge and armed with road trip snacks to Fredericksburg. If you've never been on a road trip to Fredericksburg I advise you do it at least once in your life. The drive is one of the smoothest and most beautiful rides we've ever been on. We stopped at Wildseed Farms for the majority of the afternoon because Mila had fallen in love with the flowers & the butterflies. I challenged her to name me all the colors she saw, then rewarded her with ice cream after she started naming all of the animal figurines she saw too! Wildseed farms is a completely free place to visit and get some amazing family pictures. 

We ventured down to San Antonio, to the pearl district for a stay at the historic Hotel Emma just in time to celebrate the last weekend of Fiesta! If you're visiting San Antonio during Fiesta there are plenty of family-friendly things going on, one of our favorites is the Fiesta De Los Ninos & the Flambeau parade. Since the Flambeau parade was at night we took the day to visit the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. Something I had always wanted to do since I was little, and now that Mila has such an intense infatuation with animals we figured it would be perfect. 

It was so nice to explore new parts of Texas, and create memories we'll cherish forever. I want to thank Chevrolet for encouraging us & giving us the wheels to explore new roads! 

What are your favorite cities to visit in Texas?