Isabella's Birth Story | A Not So Planned C-Section

With baby Bella, I knew for a fact that she was going to enter this world via C-Section. My placenta was just too close to my cervix, and from my previous birthing experience, my doctor and I decided this was the safest way. I wasn't looking to be traumatized again, I was just ready for Bella to be here already. This pregnancy had been so hard on not only my body but my mind, and I was ready to just enjoy newborn snuggles and that new baby smell. So we scheduled the C-Section for September 28, a week before my due date, but Isabella had her own plans!

On Saturday, September 22 Jeff convinced me to leave the comfort of our house, get dressed, put on makeup and go to a wedding reception. I wasn't totally feeling myself and I hadn't for a while, but since these were Jeff's childhood friends I told myself to suck it up. Throughout the party, though I sat in pain and endured a few contractions here and there. I told Jeff but he thought I was just trying to get us to go home so he kinda brushed them off. Up until this point, I was heading my Doctors orders to stay in bed and doing my best not to stress myself out. We got home late, I was exhausted & went straight to sleep happy that I had made it through the night and that Jeff had a good time. 

At 1:50 AM I woke up suddenly and felt a distinct pop and immediately woke Jeff up and told him I think my water just broke. He said "are you sure?" still half asleep, I said yes because I didn't pee on myself. I admit I was scared to stand up, but I got up out of bed and waddled to the restroom. As soon as I got to the restroom I felt the immediate gush of water splash the bathroom floor right in front of Jeff. He panicked and scrambled to get his things together, and I kind of stood there in shock. 

I called my mom, not sure she would answer, she didn't so I called my sister who I knew slept with her phone next to her and wasn't a hard sleeper. She ran downstairs and woke up my mom and we decided she would come to pick up Mila and then we would be on the way to the hospital. At this point, my contractions weren't too bad and I could still function without really noticing them. I changed and got Mila's bag ready for my mom. Then I realized the list of things I was going to get done later on before we were scheduled to go in for our C-Section. One of them was to finish packing my hospital bag and to do one more final cleaning of the apartment. I felt kind of like I was going in slow motion the whole time, I felt really calm about the whole thing. 

Once we were in the car my contractions were strong enough that I couldn't talk anymore, luckily we lived 10 minutes away from my delivery hospital and I thought that once we got there the process would be fast and I wouldn't be in pain for that much longer. I was wrong! I dealt with my contractions for a little over 5 hours before I was finally in the operating room getting prepped for my C-Section. 

Baby Isabella was finally here at 5:46 AM on September 23, and was born 7lbs 2 oz & 19 in!

I was so happy she was healthy and that it wasn't this crazy emergency situation like Mila's birth was. The called Jeff to go and take pictures of her once she was out but he only lasted a few minutes before he got lightheaded and the nurses had to help him back to the chair. He said he knelt down on the floor to try to fight off the dizziness but he couldn't. I laughed at him because I had to imagine it since I couldn't see it for myself. 

Mila is flourishing as a big sister and is so in love with her. She's been the best helper and very patient with her little sister. I was so surprised because I was scared she would be jealous but she's so happy to have Isabella here. 

We kept most of the experience more private this time I think because we didn't want too many people in the hospital with us, we just wanted our immediate family. When Mila was born she spent the majority of the time in the NICU and when people would come and visit they would just sit there awkwardly staring at me without a baby. I remember feeling so swollen and not wanting to see people, and this time I knew it would be even more different because I was going to breastfeed. 

Overall I am beyond happy that baby Bella is here, healthy, thriving & that my recovery process is going much better than it did with Mila. We are adjusting to our new normal with our newest addition that has filled our home with more love than we could have ever imagined!