Camping, It Runs In The Family | South Padre KOA

My family has always been the key to my success as a blogger, without their support and words of encouragement I don't think that I would have made it a full-time career. My mom has always been there when I need someone to watch Mila, whether it's for an hour or two in the evenings or a couple of days when we get sent on trips. It was nice to finally be able to send my mom and the rest of my family on a trip on my behalf! This time it was to enjoy the South Padre KOA, and let me tell you even I was jealous that I couldn't make it. 

We've always enjoyed camping, ever since I was little. I remember our annual summer camping trips to the river was something I always looked forward to, because it brought us all together in a really care-free way. As we all got older and a little bit busier the camping trips started to get postponed and now we probably do them every couple of years. I was happy that I would be able to send my family on a camping trip to show them something different, and remind my parents how much fun it is.

From all the pictures my mom took, how relaxed & happy everyone looked I can tell they had a blast! We're currently planning our next family camping trip but this time, the whole family is going. Even my little Bella 💓

My family stayed in a Loft Deluxe Cabin. This rental units sleep 8 ppl with a fun loft for the kids.

The South Padre KOA is open year round & have so many activities going on, plus your right on one of the best beaches in Texas!

Do you and your families do any cool annual trips? I would love to know! We're always looking for new places to try.