State Fair of Texas | Tips For Going For The First Time

Every fall the State Fair of Texas comes with all the best food & fun Texas has to offer. This year the State Fair of Texas will be September 27 - October 20, 2019, so save the date on your calendars! Last year we visited the fair for the first time, Chevrolet graciously lent us the Silverado C71 Trail Boss for a week to make the road trip up to the heart of Dallas. We didn't know what to expect other than some really good fried food. We took Mila and Bella, our tiny little one-month-old. It was a little hectic for us since we were sleep deprived parents, so I've compiled a list of tips for parents taking their kids for the first time.

I would have looked at the map and planned what we were going to see. 

We knew we wanted to see a show on the Chevrolet main stage and see Big Tex and that was about it. This left us a little frustrated when we walked around and realized there was so much we wanted to see when we got there and ultimately ran out of time. 

Know where all the restrooms are!

Mila always waits until the last minute to use the restroom so I always have to know where the nearest restroom is to avoid any accidents. I took a map and made sure to highlight all the restrooms so I don't waste too much time

Babywear if you can

Taking the stroller on such a high traffic day was a mistake in my opinion. I bumped into everyone and it took up so much space. On the other hand, we also took our wagon which was annoying but when Mila fell asleep we didn't have to carry her!

Make the trek down to see Big Tex 

Mila was the most excited to see Big Tex but she was asleep pretty much the rest of the night. This is also one of the main photo attractions so be prepared for lots and lots of people!

Comfortable shoes are a must

Not only for you but for your little ones too. We've gone to places where Mila complains about her shoes are hurting her.

The States Fair of Texas is a cashless place

Everything is bought with tickets you buy at ticket booths, even the food! We had about 200 tickets and used about 150 on corn dogs, drinks, pulled pork sandwiches & ice cream.

Stay for the Firework show

You'll want to stay until the end, this was Mila's favorite part of the fair besides the food! The fireworks are synchronized with the performance and the music, so it's not just your basic firework show.

  Silverado Z71 Trail Boss 

I loved the amount of space this Silverado had in the back row. Since Bella is so little I rode in the middle of both of the car seats and in our car it isn't the most comfortable thing. I was worried because from Houston to Dallas is a 4 and half hour drive, but once we loaded the truck I was pretty comfortable! There was also an actual outlet so I could plug my breast pump in and not worry about draining the battery. It was a smooth ride that I got some much-needed sleep!

Have you ever been to the State Fair of Texas? What are some tips you would give first-timers?